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If you are intending on doing makeup within the time of your shoot, you can do so in the space reserved for the shoot.

If you would like to book a slot for pre-shoot makeup, you can do so for 3000Ft / hour via our online calendar. If other participants (stylist, editor, family) would like to be present during the make-up period, please book the space you are renting for photo shoot for the make-up period as well.

If a business shoot already comes with a dedicated makeup staff, the space rented for extra makeup time will be provided at retail price.

If you would like to book makeup service from us, you can do so by emailing us at makeup@studiomadison.hu or by calling Liv Rideg on the phone: +36 70 228 16 43.

If you choose someone from the studio’s recommended make-up artists (you can ask them directly), there is no extra fee for the make-up time.

Call Liv if you would like makeup service from us, she will consult with our resident makeup artists and arrange the makeup for you. If you know one of the make-up artists personally and you are certain you want them, you can arrange the makeup with them directly.

Liv Rideg

Liv Rideg

makeup artist

Horváth Angéla

+36 20 243 33 21

email | portfolio

Nóra Aradi Makeup

+36 30 952 12 43

email | web | portfolio

Erdősi-Lőrinc Nóra

+36 70 594-8221

email | web | portfolio



  • make-up
  • HUF10000
  • False lashes 2000-5000 HUF
  • Intrested
  • Hair
  • HUF5000
  • Only with make-up